Road Trip


Going back to 2nd Chris’ town. It feels like I’m returning to a crash site or the scene of a crime. It’s not about him though.

This is one of the exchange places for Blaise. It’s not the only place we use, and I didn’t pick it in hopes of catching a glimpse of 2nd Chris. This place has eateries and shopping. It’s nice to spend time together as a family for Blaise’s sake instead of just a drop off. Planned this trip before the crash and the crime.

Got up late this morning. Dreading this road trip. I’m handing over my kid and doing so down the street from “him.” I got Blaise packed. I showered, and in irony, I put on my “HEART BREAKER” t-shirt. Picked up a $6 coffee. I needed coffee or booze. I chose the lesser evil and away we went.

I don’t expect to see 2nd Chris. Not holding out hope. Ready to close the chapter. Too many emotions. Ready to shut that down. He will never know I was here, no Facebook check ins, not naming locations on Instagram, and disabling ALL location services immediately. And, he doesn’t read the blog anymore. I doubt he’s even in his town. I just don’t want to be accused of stalking. I’m not that girl, and never have been.

Gotta be careful of who you are at the end of relationships. You may have been the perfect girlfriend to your cheating ex, but the moment you’re seen lurking around him and the new boo all your credibility is gone. They’ll start justifying his cheating, because you’re crazy.

Disclaimer: IJS

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