No Fashion, Just Feelings: Single and figuring it out.

I originally posted this at, February 7, 2014. It was a part of my “No Fashion, Just Feelings” series before I started this relationship blog. I’m more motivating than usual. Seems I have a better grasp on style than on relationships. It must make me more optimistic.

I’m A LOT, and I am certainly enough! I could be single forever and have a full life and exciting adventures, but I want to share my life with someone.

I don’t need a man to define me as an AMAZING woman. Have you met me? I’m AWESOME! Word. But, that’s supposed to be hard for me to say. Because, there are more images of broken single women desperate for love, than strong single women ready for love. Sucks, but true. Everybody is looking for love, even if they’re lying about it, and terrified it might not happen. We are freaking out.

Stop! Fix your insecurities, FIRST! Change your focus from single to determined. I am so insecure about my body. There, I said it. I have more issues than I wanna mention surrounding my single status and this body I don’t like. I can sit in On the Border drinking excessive amounts of Sangria Swirls, oops, or I can really change my life. Because as I sweat out those insecurities fixing my issues at the gym, my confidence will grow and I’ll have further clarification to what I already know. I am imperfect in an incredibly perfect way. The man of my dreams will be also. Together we will be perfect for each other. Duh.

So, what have you convinced YOUR self is YOUR problem keeping you single? Say it out loud…right now. There. You took its power away. Now, what are you going to do for YOU, that will better prepare you for the relationship God has waiting for you? Do it today! And, focus on that. Obsess over that if you must obsess over something. We will be fine.

But, don’t invite me to be a bridesmaid when this all works out. I rather just attend without any responsibilities. And the money I save on that dress I will never wear again, could get you a second thing off that registry!

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