Dating and the Single Mother: Part 1

I remember my friend’s mother introducing every guy she dated as her “friend.” She continued to do this even into our teen years. We knew what friend meant, but she still wanted to shelter her daughters from having men in and out of their lives.

I also had friends that thought every man who came through the door was their future step dad. They referred to a dozen different men as “uncle,” and they were always wondering why the last guy wasn’t coming around anymore.

Both scenarios made me a little uncomfortable. I didn’t want an endless array of friends, and Blaise didn’t need any faux uncles. What I knew was that I didn’t want anyone I wasn’t 100% serious about entering, just to exit, my son’s life. He didn’t need to be involved in my dating life. Period.

Now before anyone is outraged, I don’t hide the fact that I have a son. I’m very proud of my role as a mother, and I think my son is beyond incredible. I ALWAYS introduce myself as part of a two member team. I’m Leandrea, and I’m a mom.

You see, I’m not dating for a father for Blaise. I’m dating for a man I trust to be in Blaise’s life. There’s a difference. Blaise is well parented. He has more parental figures than most, and I thank God for that! I’m dating to complete our family. And in this day and time, roles are bigger than just a mom and a dad.

So, no you can’t meet my son. I will show you pictures and tell you stories, but until we figure us out, he’s off limits. As his mother, it’s my job to protect him from as many what ifs and maybes as possible. However, I’ll introduce him to the sure thing.

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