So, that dating thing…

I’m good at being single. Been doing this non-committal thing for a hot minute now. My focus has been elsewhere, and I’m gun shy. The very thought of the total sacrifice of all I know and love for a chance makes me uncomfortable. I mean Xanax levels of discomfort.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t had a successful, comfortable, relationship in all my years. I’ve had relationships where I put too much in and required little, those I was so guarded that I don’t know why he stayed, and a million other variations between. I don’t have a stellar relationship model, broken relationship examples from childhood. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Maybe I want my “happily ever after” too bad. I’m not desperate, but I’m not acting like a comfortably single chick either. Truth.

2 thoughts on “So, that dating thing…

  1. Being dedicated to your “happily ever after” is something that should be a life long journey because it makes life worth journeying. We make a lot of Good decisions turned bad before we make a good decision turned great. This life was given to us to change to world and fall in Love; once those two thing occur death will be honorable. Keep going hard for your happy ending until you are happy at the end….good luck


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